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Journey: Guangxi

Behind the bright lights, past the loud, crowded city, behind mountains, under the clouds, within the valleys lies villages and a community, surrounded by flourishing trees and blazing humidity. And within this hidden city, God's work still reigns and prevails. BEFORE I'm sure I've written about this before but preparing for this missions and even just deciding on going or not was a conflict for me. This trip conflicted with the missions I wanted to go on, and even after I signed up I wasn't really willing to go. I wasn't excited at all. I was nervous that I couldn't cope well with the students because they're my age and I've always been working with children, and it was different because it was teaching instead of just watching over them and doing a typical summer camp. Even the few days before I left Hong Kong, I even thought to myself "what if this was the wrong decision?". It had gotten that bad. DURING But did God change my perspe


Walking through the streets of Mong Kok, I came across this one area, a crowd encircled it, and curious to find out what it was, I walked up and peered through the sea of people. To my astonishment, I see a man, squatting with a box and an open suitcase. He had no forearms, and was sweating all over. When I realized what he was doing I was in complete awe. In his suitcase and box, he had colored clay, and working on the street, in the heat, flattening and rolling clay, he was making art. Within a quick 3-5 minutes, he was able to make a beautiful flower, wrapped and sprinkled with glitter.  I honestly couldn't feel anything but helpless. What could I do for the man? I gave him 10$, and just watched him work his magic.  But here was a man with true talent and putting it to work. God's given us gifts and talents to work with, and we need to use them to the fullest for God. Why would you not use something great you have? It's like having money to use but not spending it on s

real sacrifice.

Coming and visiting Hong Kong, we were really lucky. We have a nice place to live and stay, the transportation, the subway is right outside the house within a minute's walk, and the family we're staying with also has a maid. To be honest, everytime, I feel guilty for "using" her, I feel like its as if she's a slave, if I dare say, cooking breakfast lunch and dinner, washing, cleaning and folding our clothes, and just doing all the dirty and tough work so we don't have to do it. Everytime I bring my dishes to the sink I feel like I need to wash it for her so she won't have to work so hard. Her life is difficult, raising a child in another country, not much pay, while raising someone else's child in another family.  Today I got the chance to ask her what I've been wanting to ask since day one. Does she enjoy her job as a housemaid? Or is it a really tough life? More importantly, what was her dream/ideal job? Her replies were "yes, I love doin

not as restrictions.

We were on the bus today back from the beach/market and suddenly at one of its side stops, the bus shut down. Lights out, vehicle stopped, engine turned off, and we were all just sitting there, not knowing why or why was happening. Maybe the battery died? Maybe there was an accident? Maybe the bus overheated?  Looking around I couldn't figure it out, there was one of those electrical signs talking about the safety, the rules that stuff, pretty normal and typical eh? But then we read this; "no standing on the upper deck." I turned around to see a man standing of course on the upper deck. But it was nothing right? Why weren't we moving? Eventually the bus came back to life and we started moving again. Looked back and huh? The man was gone. That was the reason. The bus driver saw through the camera that someone was standing, causing a dangerous situation and stopped the bus. Over something as simple as that? Yes. God has "rules" for us, and many times we f

More Than This.

Eyes opened.  Mind expanded. The hidden revealed.  Each new day here has showed me so much more to life. We went up into the more suburban parts of HK via bus and man it was crazy. On a double decker, traveling fast, on the side of the mountain, in one lane.  The complexity over there will forever boggle my mind, from how they are building skyscrapers, still renovating on the mountainside, to the swerving roads that still somehow bring you places, the chaotic crosswalks, while sustaining ecosystems with trees coming out of walls. I can't imagine how all these systems were put together, from the sewage to the transportation, it amazes me. How would one even manage not only a part of town, not a city but a nation. Thinking further, our God is managing not only the world but the universe. I've heard people say that they feel small and realize how big God and the world is when they're next to the ocean or something, but it's here in HK when I truly feel that. Being one o

passing by...

Coming to HK and heading out for the first time today, it really opened my eyes to the people in the world. At home in Canada, there are times where there are "many people", but not until I got here did I realize that there are MANY people. From the subway to crossing the street, there's a constant sea of heads, faces, and lives. It's interesting, if you think about it, each of these people have their own network, connections and stories. As we passed by the crowd, I came to realize how different and unique we all are. Even though I look around and see how much we look alike, on the inside we all have different baggage, different stories and experiences to share.  It's in the subway where you can really get a good look and observe the lives of others. Since so many networks or as I've thought about it, "webs" come and gather into one place, public transport, it can provide so many opportunities to get to know each other and share your own stories.


This morning I was reminded to be thankful and to rejoice always. I'll do just that. - im thankful for this opportunity to go to China, to teach English, to be a friend and to spread God's unending love. - im blessed and lucky enough to be on a plane, with the luxury of watching movies, being serves food, already being in the top percent of the wealthiest in the world. - I rejoice because I have the most amazing friends. Reading each and every plane letter I could feel the love and support from 6000 miles away. These upcoming few weeks are going to be quite the experience. I'm very unsure of my plans, I have no idea what I'm doing tomorrow, but God has a plan for me. Sitting on a plane, 36 000 ft in the air, I realized that after take off, at this altitude, I've just because another one of those planes you see from the ground. Yet from up here, I look out the window, I see the shadow casted by the clouds, I can see for miles, I can see the full image. I guess you


who would've thought i was going to end my final day in Richmond Hill with the biggest smile. just in the final hours of the day, being able to see the people i love, having people show up to my door at 11 something at night, i couldn't have asked for anything more. Im so crazy thankful for the friends i have in my life, the ones that will stay up with me to talk, freak out with me when we're hyper, and will be of support and show love to me whenever I'm down and need it. God has placed these people in my life for a reason, and i cannot thank them enough for it. someone came and dropped by a plane letter for me, hours before i took off. a few others video chatted me up until 1am. getting plane letters left, right and centre. getting the texts, feeling the support, hearing the prayers, there's nothing more i can ask for. although I'm leaving in a few hours to somewhere halfway across the world, I'm content. knowing that there are so many people

children's joy !

the joy i long for. i was privileged enough to have the chance to babysit my teacher's kids today (as odd as that may seem). whenever I'm working with kids, it always boggles my mind. the joy they express is so real, so raw and so genuine. As "adults" or as they call in in "Le Petit Prince" "les grands persones", i always feel like the joy we express is never the same. It always has to be logical, have a reason behind it, with some sort of motivation, but with kids its in the moment. we're constantly worrying about the future, if we'll have food on the table the next week, about our jobs, promotions, taxes, and i too feel like as I'm slowly growing, I'm noticing all the little things that get us all caught up in the details of life. For instance, i got my debit card recently, and just the little agreements, the PIN numbers, its already so complicated and overwhelming, and then taxes in a few years, i don't know how people

Journey: Guangxi

two days until departure. I've said in previous posts, I'm not looking forward to this trip. Im not excited either. Im gone from July 4th - August 15th, that a month and a half. I come home to two weeks left to spend with the people i love. That was heavy on my heart the past few days/weeks, and i was worried, scared for the change to come. I didn't want anything to be different. I was content where i was, and i was fearing the unknown. Today we had the privilege of going to the English Service for a send off/prayer with the congregation. Even then, i was thinking, "really, my last sunday and I'm missing my youth service?" but i found peace in my heart, sitting with the older university friends i had, and singing and worshipping together in this new environment, this was where this change was going to be like, and i was okay with it. Not only that, but when we were called up, and we were prayed for, immediately afterwards, i felt reassured. I don't