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Serving at GACF

The past three years, I have been serving at the Guelph Asian Christian Fellowship in one capacity or another. In second year, I served on committee as the Prayer Coordinator, and the past two years as the President/Chair of the fellowship. Finally passing on the baton, I wanted to quickly (probably not) jot down a few lessons I learnt throughout the time God has placed me in this ministry. 1. Serving is a Time of Sanctification I've heard before that when you end up in ministry, God uses it to grow you (sometimes more than others/those who you are investing in). Not that this should be a main motive to be in a serving position, but it really is amazing to look back and to see how i've grown throughout my three years. Faithfulness, not Fruitfulness - It is so easy to get caught up with numbers when you're serving, how many people are showing up to fellowship, why does it seem like numbers are dwindling - many times that's how success is measured in the world, th