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Praying For The Persecuted Church: China

China is quickly on its way to becoming the #1 nation with the most Christians - 85 million of the 1.37 billion population, the faith is on the rise and is expected to reach this number by 2030. We give thanks that the kingdom of God is growing in China, but usually it comes as a result of the persecution at hand. With such a quick increase in number, the government has been feeling threatened and they've been doing anything and everything they can to regain power and control over their nation. With so many Christians, it has been found that they are all making their way into the different holes of society - from businesses to the government - which is so cool and awesome! I hope we are all also making our ways into the different sectors of society and being a light there for those around us. As a result, in March 2013, a three year campaign known as the "Three Rectifications and One Demolition" was established to get rid of "inappropriate structures". Sho

The Creator at Point Pelee

I got to spend the past four days at Point Pelee National Park with a bunch of high school students and a handful of experienced birders - and this counted as work for me! I am so incredibly thankful for this summer job (which i'm only two weeks in), i've already learnt so much and have had such amazing experiences - may God receive all praise and all glory!! Throughout these past two weeks, being immersed in the natural and created world it's been oddly surprisingly at how difficult it has been for me to connect seeing creation and associating it with God - to see the beauty and glory of God in the natural world around us. It's been something i've been praying about and I think slowly but surely with some active intentionality, God has been answering my prayer.  It can be incredibly easy to forget about God when you're away, in a secular environment - whether if its finding time to pray, to do my devotions and even to see the Creator beyond the creatio

Rejoice Always

One thing my grandmother has taught me these past few years, which I only realized and internalized recently, is to praise God on the regular, and how that looks like. Being 90 years old, she's getting more and more frail and weak - she hurt her shoulder a month ago, and when I visited her last week, it's still in pain; she can barely extend her arm, she can't really do anything, her knees and legs are weak from sitting all day, her eyesight is deteriorating to the point where she couldn't even see the birthday gift I got her, her hearing loss isn't getting any better (and communication doesn't get any better considering the language barrier) - it really pains me sometimes; but I praise and thank God that she has our loving Father by her side, and even in the midst of these circumstances, she's always praising Him. She praises Him when she's able to get up from her wheelchair, She praises Him on my behalf when she hears of how God has provided me wi

Praying For The Persecuted Church: Kenya

Last year in April, Garissa University in Northeastern Kenya was attacked by terrorists - killing a total of 148 individuals, who were mostly made up of Christians. One source says that students at the university were shot and killed if they claimed to be Christian - anyone who said that they were muslims were set free. This has been one of the greatest terrorist activities by the al-Shabaab group. al-Shabaab is a Islamic militant group, mainly from Somalia, that has attacked Kenya on several occasions. This incident traumatized everyone, the university had to close down - and now just over a year later, the people are still recovering from what had happened. People fear returning to Garissa, and it's said that bullet holes and blood marks can still be seen, haunting and reminding those of what happened April 2nd 2015. Many Christians are very scared of the persecution that would continue there if they returned. But as with the previous nations i've written about, our good