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Sharper Than A Double-Edged Sword

It's just a day of reflection and blogging it looks like! Not only have I seen God work in my resolution to fear the Lord, but I have seen him work wonders in just two weeks time when it comes to memorizing scripture and storing up His word in my heart (Psalm 119:11). I made the resolution to memorize a passage or scripture every week this year (and hopefully for years to come) and I have realize the power and strength that comes with knowing God's truth and promises. I've been reviewing my weekly memory verse in my head on the bus, walking to class, in class, doing home, during quiet time, while cooking, and without even knowing it I was immersed in scripture. Thus far, this practical application has helped me realize the value in memorizing scripture and John Piper discusses eight wonderful points, which some I have (so far) realized and can relate to. First, "memorizing scripture makes God's word more accessible when it comes to overcoming temptation to si

Kyrie Eleison

"Kyrie Elesion" is Greek for "Lord, have mercy".  Its fourteen days into the new year and it's been absolutely amazing to see how God has been working in my life, answering prayers and helping me in my new years resolutions. If you haven't read about my resolutions, click HERE . Fearing God was the one of the three in 2014, and I personally had no idea how to work on this, especially from a practical perspective. Fearing the Lord means to (ask Jerry Bridges puts it) "be in awe of god and who is he; justice, holy, merciful and forgiving, while comprehending his love, mercy and forgiveness". I have been praying for a heart and mind that fears the Lord and I think today in class I caught a glimpse of it. To understand and fully see the Lord's goodness and righteousness, one must recognize their wretchedness and sinfulness. For some reason in my biostatistics class today, I starting thinking of how unworthy and underserving I am as a sinner.

The Mysterious Thumping Noise

One night over the break as I was trying to sleep, my brother came knocking on my door asking if I heard a thumping noise. Disrupting my attempt to rest, I said no. I hadn't heard it either. He came in two or three times and eventually, I heard a massive boom, as if a tree had falling into my house or the fridge somehow managed to topple over. I got up and told my brother that I heard it. Both of us rather suspicious and cautious, he decided to ask if he could stay in my room that night, which was fine by me. Rewind a few days of so, I had spent some time talking to my other friend, catching up on how our lives have been and we both shared about our struggles with our families; communicating with each other and just being a role model for our younger siblings. I personally haven't had the best relationships with my family members but I have to say that things have been getting better. But with my brother, I knew I wasn't doing much as an older brother when it comes to c

2014: Onto The Next Chapter

With the new year upon us, I took some time not just to reflect on the past, but also what is to come. How do I want to grow closer to God this year? How will I accomplish this? I thought of three areas that I would specifically like to work on, build up and grow in spiritually for 2014. Fearing God I've always read about fearing God, and i've never fully understood what it meant. I don't think I can necessarily learn to fear God, but I hope that these next twelve months I can grow to fear the Lord more by knowing Him more. I looked into the concept of biblical fear, and I found some insight form Jerry Bridges, John Piper and Tim Keller. There are two aspects to fearing God; one is to fear who his is, by understanding his power, righteousness, and holiness, but at the same time one must find joy in his mercy, forgiveness and love. Jerry Bridges (the author of The Pursuit of Holiness ) explained fear with the physics concept, centripetal force; like when you spin a ro