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My Dead Heart

O great God of highest heaven Occupy my lowly heart Own it all and reign supreme Conquer every rebel power Let no vice or sin remain That resists Your holy war You have loved and purchased me Make me Yours forever I ran into a problem at the subway terminal last week; we were heading to the aquarium downtown, and as my brother and my aunt passed through the gate easy, I went to tap my Presto card to get in, and it didn't work. I tried again, nothing. No response. Later on, I went to troubleshoot and it turns out that my presto card was unresponsive, it was defective, it was dead. As I reflect on how I've been feeling the past few weeks, I thought and paralleled it to this instance; my heart was dead. By dead I meant unresponsive; I found myself not feeling anything, specifically towards God. My prayers were empty words, I found myself singing, but not worshipping at service on Sunday. Why didn't I feel anything? Why was my heart dead? Why wasn't I s

The Father's Love For Us

I've grown up in the church for all, if not, most of my life, and I am grateful for how it has helped mould and build me to be the person I am today. But, at the same time, as I reflect on myself now, I feel that being in the faith since I was a child has potentially caused me to take many things for granted; especially God's love. I learned all the bible stories, I knew all the answers; but knowing it in my mind doesn't equate to knowing and being impacted by it in my heart. I would say I've struggled and have continued to struggle with fully understanding and gripping the unconditional, absolute and unlimited love from God the Father. I've surprising myself by picking up another book already since I had just finished Radical by David Platt, but Crazy Love  by Francis Chan is my current read and I've been loving it so far; I just finished reading the third chapter titled Crazy Love , and it has opened a crack in the door for me to fully take in the Father&#

Leaving The American Dream

I spent most of my weekend in the woods, making friends with different species of bugs, being kissed by mosquitos, and reading Radical  by David Platt. The short book had much to say, and it got me thinking quite a bit. Platt focuses on how the American Dream, being comfort, security and luxury in worldly pleasures has distracted us from living out the full, radical and global purpose God has designed us for; being discipleship and mission. There were plenty of questions and thoughts that came from the read, but i'll share some of the main ones. What is God's purpose for me?  I think many times we hear people talking about "hearing their calling" or reasoning certain decisions because they "have not been called yet".  Radical  addresses this too, and it reveals that we now live in a society and culture where we make it seem as if only certain faithful, and super mature Christians go on missions overseas whilst the rest of us stay here, in the comforts o