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Okay, so each year, (i hope this sticks) i will buy a new year devo book during the Christmas Break so i can start another book before putting the previous one down. Here is the FIRST DEVO BOOK. Daily Light On The Daily Path Mornings and Evenings by: .. there's no author?! anyways, yup, here it is :) check it out! Its pretty good :)


Ha, atm there are probably 0 readers except me and God... but LETS DO THIS. SO. This is my DEVO JOURNAL Blog. I've started and attempted to have a regulated devo session once in the morning and once at night. And lately... it hasnt been processing. Its read. highlight. and out of my mind. And i need it to say there. AT LEAST for the hour after that, not jokes, at least for the day, and hopefully longer so it can be applied to my life. SO. Lets try this. this is how its gonna work.. away from the computer. READ. HIGHLIGHT. REFLECT/NOTE-TAKE. BLOG and POST when time comes. These posts should be simple. short, but the main point is expressing what i've learnt and hopefully writing it or blogging it will do SOMETHING. :) here i go! Wish me goodluck! :P signing off, Jason Chan p.s. this welcome was only cause i want to start working at 5pm and the blog saying "no posts" bothers me. :P