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Praying For The Persecuted Church: Iran

2016 is the year about thinking beyond myself. As I look back, i've recognized how selfish I used to be, especially when it came to world news or even social issues. I remember as a child thinking that as long as it didn't directly affect me, I didn't care about whatever was happening in the world. As I mentioned earlier this month, this year I am dedicating each month to a different nation on the World Watch List and for this past month of January, i've been wearing a red, green and white bracelet everyday as a reminder to be praying for this nation. Throughout the month, i've been trying to read up on what's been going on there and checking in for any updates on refugees or those in faith. As a quick side note, I must say, let us rejoice because prayer is such a simple yet powerful thing we can do. I feel like so many times, prayer is seen as little, insignificant, and weak, but no - prayer is powerful, and God hears our prayers! Our prayers can move the

God Revealed

It is so cool when God opens our blind eyes to see Him at work in our everyday lives. I really give thanks for when He convicts my heart, or when He changes my perspective to see things in a different light, or when He just puts me in pure awe and wonder of His goodness and majesty. For a while now, i've been trying to keep track in my prayer journal all the time i've seen 'God Revealed'. I've already been doing this here and there on my blog but I think i'll start compiling a list of posts titled that so I can build a collection to look back on and also a collection to share! I've always (and continue to) wrestle with seeing where God is throughout my day - so I hope this can be an encouragement and reminder for both you and me that God is present and with us (as He promises) and as we grow in Him, He will open our eyes to seeing His wondrous deeds, in the big or the small. --- The Swarming Things  - I've never really regarded insects as anythin

Unexpected Answers

I must say that as I look back on the past couple of weeks, I truly do think that God has opened my eyes to see Him more and more throughout the everyday rhythms of my day - be it through big or small convictions, and also in the celebrations. I'm finding myself to be naturally attributing more and more things to God (as they should be). --- This past week was my first week of my last semester of school. That absolutely blows my mind that time has flown, and in four months I will have (hopefully) completed my undergrad career. But unlike my first weeks before in the past - this week was quite hard on me, academically, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. It was my first semester in a long time that was pure science, as I just finished my minor in Child and Family Studies last semester - and some of my classes just felt incredibly overwhelming.  I remember waking up on stressed on the second day of the week. I remember getting home completely exhausted - I have some long d

"So What Are Your Plans After Graduation?"

In less than a week's time, I will be back in Guelph for my final semester in my undergraduate program (Wildlife Biology and Conservation Science). I've had mixed feelings every time it's dawned on me that this is my final semester of school - meaning that I won't have any midterms, projects, or papers to worry about this coming September. It also means that i'll be back at home, surrounded by family... (that's up for interpretation). I'm excited to be done; I feel like i'm ready to move on and wrap up another chapter, but I think this upcoming semester will be one that is of bittersweet heart-ache, as I bid my farewells and move on from this season of life. I think the majority of the pain will come from the Guelph community I may potentially be leaving, the ACF group that i've been serving and have been a part of for the past four years, and also the Harvest congregation - especially the families and friends i've been building such strong ti

A Year in Review & A Year to Come

365 days ago, I made a few resolutions for 2015 - to delete instagram, to take a weekly day off for Sabbath, to be more physically active, and to blog weekly, and I must say, i'm quite proud of how things turned out. Deleting Instagram - the whole point of this resolution was to step away from how social media can suck oneself in; from seeking validation in something else, to falsely increasing our importance. I remember the first month or so - finding myself naturally going through my social media rhythms, and swiping to where my Instagram app would be, only to be reminded that it wasn't there anymore. But over time, the draw for it faded away. Yes - I survived without Instagram! With that being said, and with the new year here - I've decided to come back on Instagram. At first, I wrestled with whether or not I should just cut it out completely, but I also thought - "if I return, I definitely want to use it in a way to further and build God's kingdom",

Urbana 2015

Urbana is a student missions conference held in St. Louis, Missouri. Each year, 16 000 students from all over the world come together to be challenged by his Word, to encounter God and be sent out to live missional lives; and I'm incredibly thankful that have experienced all these things this past week at Urbana 15. This was my second time heading to the conference as I went also in 2012, but a major difference this year was that I had an objective in mind - I was hoping to hear and learn about "how to live missionally in a local setting" ; yes, Urbana may have a greater focus on global missions, but as followers of Jesus Christ, being a missionary is our identity, it's not only for select people, but ALL are to be on mission. It includes wherever we may be - the workplace, at home, or overseas. I was hoping to learn how to be a better and bolder witness to those around me, and how to live as a disciple-making disciple. Here were some highlights from the week, apo