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God at The Arboretum: Getting The Job (Part 1)

May-September 2016 One of goals for 2018 is to simply write more. This blog has always been a means where I can record different aspects of my life and how God has been faithfully at work. Since graduating, I have been at The Arboretum for just over 20 months now. And considering that this chapter is supposedly coming to a close (extend my contract please) when spring rolls around, I wanted to look back and remind myself of how God has orchestrated every single moment. This story actually starts back in second year (2014), when I had decided to apply for the work-study program in hopes to earn some extra money to pay for expenses etc... After applying for many lab positions and things I thought were ideal for my field, I remember coming across a position titled "Arboretum Multimedia Assistant". I don't even remember why I applied for it as it seemed so irrelevant to my field of study (Wildlife Biology and Conservation Science), but I did and God graciously gave me