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Too Fast

Today was a good day, but it fell short when the day ended a bit sour. After a full day of hanging out with friends, I was driving home and as I approached a bend before pulling into my parking space, I had to quickly turn to avoid a vehicle that was there. Successfully pulling into my spot, I noticed that the other car came and parked in the space right next to me and I thought "oh this is gonna be awkward".  I got out of my car and with his window down he said to me "I'm the president of this complex and you were driving way too fast here, so fast that you had swerve to avoid my car. You cannot be driving like this. I'm going to take your license plate number and if I see you driving like that again, you'll be sure to get a notice." Embarrassed, I nodded and thanked him for warning me and went inside. I felt horrible. I'm not usually one that gets into trouble even when I was young, but when I do, it shakes me up. I felt bad for breaking ru