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Culture Shock

Tonight I was privileged and invited to watch a friend and her three sister perform their traditional dance that they been practicing training and studying for the past thirteen years. All of us that were invited had no idea what to expect. Three sisters, dance. Couldn't attract a lot of people right? I was wrong. They booked out thee Markham Theatre and the entire auditorium was filled. But that was the thing that caught my attention, it was the culture.  From the different costumes to the language and the dance, their culture was displayed ever so strongly and it radiated ever so brightly on stage tonight. Culture. After inhabiting the earth for so many years now, mankind has created and developed their own traditions, languages, religions and rituals. Culture has never been more in my face than it was tonight. As the three of them graced the stage and mesmerized the audience with their captivating personalities and stories, my mind was racing. Thinking, observing and

sometimes, you just gotta try.

softball just continues to inspire. ever since i could remember, ever since i was born practically, i have never had an interest in sports. whether if it was the dangerous risks involved, the fear of ball meets face, or just not understanding how something like that could be fun, something always turned me away from sports, may it be basketball, golf, baseball or frisbee. i'd head to softball practice just to see my friends, and sit on the bleachers while i watched them practice. its only been recently that i actually tried to get onto the field and do a little throw and catching (mainly because i knew it was a nice safe non-judging fun environment). putting on the glove and heading into the uncharted waters with the risk of being hit, i tried it. and to my surprise, i caught the ball a few times, and could give a decent throw. I tried batting and wasn't too shabby (or at least i didn't think i wasn't). you try things and you realize that you can do it. sometim

welcome to our twisted world.

While i was on my vacation/missions trip, over twitter, the new show Suits blew up overnight or something, everyone is saying its great and extremely interesting and all. Finally today i searched it up and started to watch it. Its true, i really enjoy the non-stop, go go go vibe of drama, conflict, solution, and i really like how they can talk back at each other so confidently and can strike one another down so quickly, efficiently and effortlessly (even though thats a bad thing). But watching the show, i realized that this is the world we live in. People use lies, and sabotage to get around and most importantly get on top. Harvey, one of the leads only cares about himself, and will do anything, break all the rules to benefit himself. I guess in the lawyer's world, but I'm pretty sure everywhere else as well, words are constantly twisted. Words are what we use to communicate, but at the same time, they can be used to encourage, and support, as well as insult and destroy.


every single time i head to softball practice (even though i aint apart of it) I'm blown away, moved and am impressed every single time. seeing them play as a whole family, whether they know each other or not, are years younger or older than each other, they're cheering each other on, supporting each other, laughing at and with each other, and just doing everything as a whole. Sitting there on the bleachers, i couldn't help but think "i'd like a piece of that". That's what i call a true community and a true bond. Its what true fellowship is all about. We all come with our own struggles and baggage, but are brought together by something, built consisting of diverse and distinct personalities and create a much stronger team. today while the opposing team was playing, someone fell and popped their ankle or something after hitting and immediately of course there were people by his side, but seeing everyone's concern and support, whether if it was gett

this feeling.

its about time i get back into the swing of things with my devotional posts, and i'd like to start off by sharing something i've felt for the past couple of months, and its the best thing that has ever happened to me. a few months ago, something just came over me, and i feel content. genuinely content. its a feeling thats so great, so calming, so peaceful and relaxing. Knowing that there isn't anything to worry about, nothing to fret about. I could just be happy with who i am, who i have and what i have. its different because in the past, this content feeling would be temporary and would eventually fade when something stressful hits or a load of work come about. But now, its permanent, and its the greatest comfort i've ever had in my life. I have to say its because of God. I think somehow, some part of me, i realized that my God is in control. He is greater than all things, with him we are victorious in strife and even in death. I can give all my worries to him