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Like Dragonflies

Do we, like dragonflies, dart around while the lake lies before us? Its gentle waves crash upon the shore, and a sweet summer breeze brushes by. Do we, like  dragonflies, speed past the the sun's painting of the skies? Strokes of red, orange and yellow   washes behind the billowing clouds. Do we, like drag onflies, find ourselves blind to the life that goes on? The silent spider spinning her web,  the teetering turtle basking on rocks, and the momentary mayfly fluttering its last. Do we, like dragonflies, find ourselves deaf to the call of the loon  as our wings beat and buzz? Her song rings over the still waters  for anyone who will listen. Do we, like dragonflies tirelessly seek out task after task? To work, to sleep, to mate, to eat dart left, dart right, circle and repeat. Do we, like dragonflies, fail to see the ever-outstretched arm of tranquility that invites us to peace? To gaze, to contemplate, to wonder and to rest to sit and be still, to delight and stop thinking 'wh

The Rest in The Rain

After a scorching week of endless sunshine and highs of over 30 degrees everyday, the skies finally grew dark as storm clouds rolled in and loomed over, thunder slow-clapping into an applause. And beat by beat, drop by drop, an orchestra of rain played out over the cities, streets and fields. Everything was soaked, nothing left untouched. Having been at the farm for over two months now, our plants are on my mind. This season of growth and harvest are incredibly dependent on the temperature and weather and this recent heat wave has dried out our strawberry plants (it's been a crazy few weeks of strawberry season) and robbed the land of its moisture. But as I drove by fields in the downpour on my way home, it was almost as if I could see plants with outstretched arms, drinking in the overflowing fountain that poured out from the skies. ROMANS 8:19-23 - For I consider the sufferings of this present time not worth comparing to the glory that is to be revealed to us. For the crea