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2013: God's People, Providence and Promises

Counting down the final hours of 2013, I really wanted to take some time to reflect on how the past 365 days have gone by. Time does fly, and if we never take the time to sit down and ponder on how we've grown and how we've changed, we'll probably end up sweeping it aside and taking it for granted. Sometimes we shouldn't always be focusing on the future and what is ahead, but instead look back and see how far we've come. I've divided my year into three, and thought of how I could sum up  what i've learnt in these three chunks in one statement or a few words. God's People (January-April) This was my second semester of my first year of university ever. It was the second half of my transition period, and there were huge changes this year. But looking back at my old posts I think the biggest thing I encountered was God's people and the community He grants me with. God didn't create us to live life alone. ACF is a home away from home, a second fa

Shovelling Snow

There was quite heavy snowfall a few days ago and I remember having to shovel the snow three times that day. I remember thinking to myself "other people get sand and warmth, we get snow and ice; why can't we get sand?" But as I continued the tedious task, I started to ponder more and more on the subject. No matter how hard or how many times I try to shovel the snow, it will keep falling; piling onto my driveway. I found myself coming to an analogy, that the snow can represent our sin, and the driveway our lives. Because we've fallen short of God's glory and are sinners, our driveway will always be covered in snow. Some of us may think that if we do enough good, that can rule out all our wrongs, and we continuously shovel our driveways with our good works, working towards a clean, and blank driveway. The bad news is that the snow will continue to fall. What we need is a greater force and being to get rid of the snow. The good news is that there is a greater b

Christmas, Not Givemas

I remember waking up extra early on Christmas morning, running downstairs to the decorated fake tree, waiting anxiously for my parents to come down so we could open the presents. As time has gone on, my understanding of Christmas has changed. What started as receiving gifts, getting stuff, and having the most presents under the tree had become more about giving to others. Whether if it is giving to our loved ones or the less fortunate, I had understood Christmas as a time of selflessness, and putting others before oneself. Fast forward to this year, and my perspective of Christmas has changed once again. Growing up in a Christian family, I always knew the Christmas story. Jesus being born in a manger, the three wiseman and the bright star that guided them. I am currently going through the Gospel of Luke in my devotions and chapter three talks about the birth of Christ. As I pondered and thought about this Christmas story, something about the thought of "Christmas is a time to