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Conversations with a Deaf Man

This past Thursday, I got to finally return to AGAPEcafe, a local soup kitchen that I serve at. Though I was quite tired that day, I did not know that God had a unique opportunity awaiting me. There were plenty of volunteers that night (praise God!), but that also meant that some could sit and chat with those who came in. I will say that the first thought that ran through my head was "so I could have not come today then". But i'm glad I stayed. As food was being served, I made my rounds to different tables, greeting those coming in and catching up with those i've missed because of my trip. And as one conversation ended and as my eyes wandered around the room, I made eye contact with a fellow individual whom I recognized. He was one of the few deaf individuals that came regularly. I waved hello and then decided to head over since there was an empty seat next to him. I wasn't sure what I thought would happen by going over there considering I didn't know si

Don't Inquire a Piece of Wood

"My people inquire a piece of wood, and their walking staff gives them oracles." - Hosea 4:12 Does this statement sound silly to you? It should, because it is a silly statement. It comes straight out my devotions this morning in Hosea 4 where the LORD is giving a charge against Israel through Hosea for their foolishness and the sin they've committed. The Israelites didn't acknowledge God (v.1), they broke all bounds, from their speech (swearing and lying), to their thought (lust and adultery), and their deeds (murder and bloodshed) (v.2), they exchanged their glory for something disgraceful (v.7), they gave themselves over to prostitution and wine (v.10-11), and much more which all led them astray. I remember thinking after reading this passage, "well, they were quite bad" and "I definitely haven't gone that far", but the reality is, is that this charge against Israel's sin is also against you and I. At the end of the day, we have a

A Spirit of Boldness

In the past few months, I found myself in two books of prophecy for my devotions without really knowing it. After being intimidated for years and years, I finally decided to read the book of Revelation because I found out that its the only book in the Bible that states that one is blessed by simply reading it (Revelation 1:3) - was I withholding blessing this whole time? It's also important to read and know about the end times, for it is coming and we need to be ready. I also just wrapped up the book of Daniel today, which outside of the lions den and burning furnace stories is heavily focused on visions which tell of what's to come. It was quite a challenging read, and though I may not have understood everything (even Daniel didn't and some things are hidden from us for a reason!), it was encouraging to see and know that God is sovereign over all and though persecution is on it's way, it tells us in Scripture ultimately, that earthly king and kingdoms will fall and

Don't Be Content With Sin

I've been very thankful that i've been able to spend the past few weeks in Sydney, Australia, Tasmania, and Hong Kong visiting family and exploring. I hadn't been back to Sydney since I was six months old and it's been over four years since i've returned to Hong Kong. It was a great trip and I had to chance to observe and try to understand the asian culture a bit more considering how different I found it to be compared to the western culture I've grown up in. Hong Kong is all about speed, and it's almost unfathomable to fully take in what they've accomplished in such a short amount of time. Every time we go back, it seems completely different. Skyscrapers that are higher than the mountains, the incredibly convenient transit system, underground and underwater cross-harbour tunnels, they're even making new land and are building into the sea. But one thing I noticed that I was rather uncomfortable with was how many people ignored what was around the