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Keeping The Sabbath

As I read through the final chapters of Leviticus these past few weeks, the idea of the Sabbath was very prominent, and I am slowly starting to think that it is something more important than what it is perceived to be. The levitical laws talk about taking a Sabbath on the seventh day as a day of rest, holy to the LORD, and it even goes as far as having every seven years be a Sabbath year. Since January, I have been trying to practice a regular Sabbath every sunday, but as I reflect back on the Sabbaths i've taken, I've wondered if I did it correctly because I found that I end up piling all my stuff and to-do's that are not school related onto that day, and it still ends up being busy. So I asked myself, "why is the Sabbath so important?".  This week, I spent some time looking into what the Sabbath really is, and why we should take it. Most of these ideas were taken from articles and podcasts which will be linked below. Here's what I've learnt, The Sabb

Two Steps Backward

This past week, things took a turn at work. If you don't know, this summer I am working as an Animal Handler and Educator in Etobicoke, and it's been crazy to think that God has helped me land what I think could potentially be my dream job. As I began my time there, the goal was to work and be trained towards being approved to be a team lead; meaning that I could go and do educational animal shows all on my own. To me, it has been quite difficult for me to track my progress; I knew that I was entering the final stages of approval where I had to go on a show with the head staff; the two co-owners and a supervisor, and do an entire presentation on my own. But as the summer months kicked in, I assumed that things got a bit busier and I wasn't sure if there was going to be time to get them all to take time out of their busy schedules for one simple approval. But this past Tuesday I got a long message from the head staff as they checked in with each employee to see where

So I Got Into An Accident

don't panic, everything and everyone is fine. So I was heading home from work yesterday and after finally getting through all the traffic up the 400, I exited at Major Mackenzie and waited to make a right. Stopping at the red light, there was a moment in time where I believed that the two cars in front of me would have been able to turn safely before I could go. The first car went, and as me and the car ahead of me moved up, I thought the second car went as well, but little did I know that it didn't, and I bumped into him. The impact sounded like a crush and I was in shock for a little bit; it didn't sound like it was gonna be anything pleasant. We pulled to the side and I got out as calmly as I could to inspect the damages. He checked his car for a good five minutes, because as we both looked, I couldn't find one dent, or even a scratch on his bumper to my surprise. It was the same with my car, it looked like nothing had happened at all. I was feeling quite hopefu

Does This Honour God?

What would be the God-honoring thing to do in this situation? This is a question the Holy Spirit has been constantly placing on my mind recently. It's come up in almost any and every scenario; and as I start to wrap up my study in Leviticus, the concept of holiness has continually been made known to me. The idea of how we are to honour God with our actions and words at all times. In my prayer time this morning, I asked God; "were you honoured yesterday?" It's tough especially since there isn't a direct answer but I think it's good to reflect on your day(s) and how one has conducted themselves before a holy and almighty God. Two nights ago, I had my first concert experience, and there was a lot of lining up, a lot of waiting, and no seating. As we waited for the act to come on stage, I could hear people complaining about their poor views, I could see my own view shrink and get worse, and I could feel by body tense up from the lack of moving around. For s