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One Month Countdown

"The Orb of Avaskus" WOW its been a long time. I hate having these crazy giant breaks. Anyways, one month. Today marks a big day. One month until SNA hits. Dec 10th, RHCCC, 7pm. At this time in one month, the lights will probably have just dimmed and we're live. This journey has been intense, rough, and fun. I remember early september, having our first meeting, having to complete the script within a month's time, with all our crazy schedules, and after the intense casting sessions, now we've dived into the crazy routines of filming and practicing. We're one month away. The stress is ON. I can feel it under my skin and i can feel it in my bones. We have OH SO MANY things to do and practice, working with props, timing, lights, i can rant on and on but thats not the point. Although there's been SO MUCH STRESS, SO MANY CHANGES, AND CONFLICTS, we're pushing through. Day after day. week after week. From the start, knowing our three month time period to