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September: Be Faithful

This September, I returned to school; but for the first time, I did not return as a student. I am teaching a grade 5/6 split class at a private Christian school in Guelph. It baffles me to think that I am an actual teacher now; not a student teacher, not a teacher-candidate, not an aspiring teacher but an Ontario Certified Teacher that has their own class for a full year. What did I do to deserve or "level up" into this position of responsibility?  As my first month of teaching wraps up, I have learned and held onto so many different lessons and reminders that I'd like to remember. My hope is that I could end each month with a post to wrap up any new insights I have learned. After all, one thing I've learned throughout my two years of teacher's college is to reflect on what you do - what did you do well? What could you improve on and how might you do it differently next time?  The First Week of School   (as a brand new teacher, with the repercussions of a global h

Trust The Process

Tonight's Loaf (#4) As we count down the final days of summer, I am finding myself in a bread-making kick. Never would I have thought that I'd be baking bread from scratch but here I am on a third loaf within the past 24 hours (the first one failed, the second one was shared, and the third one is currently in the oven). Baking has always intimidated me - the need to be precise, working with yeast, the waiting and seeing; is unlike working the stovetop where you can just add and mix as you go. Even when baking small treats, I find myself double checking, triple checking if it was 3 cups or 4 cups, a tablespoon or teaspoon.  Loaf #1: Inside was a bit dense but what a first go! I was inspired to try baking bread because the chef at the farm this summer makes fresh bread each week and we had talked about it periodically. She gave me resources and referenced videos, she even gave me my own thermometer to check the internal temperature. I also promised her that I'd let her try so