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Man Does Not Live On Bread Alone

One thing i've been enjoying with my long commutes to work this week is the chance I get to worship and listen to podcasts on the way there. This week I stumbled upon David Platt's podcast, Radical Together and the one I zeroed in on was titled "Fasting from Food to Feast on God" (you can find the podcast on iTunes HERE ). Most of this post will be coming from the podcast so I don't take any credit for the points here. I've touched on fasting a few weeks ago in a post, but I want to expand on it a bit more here. Platt defined fasting as "periodically abstaining from food as a physical expression of a spiritual reality." The idea of fasting is found all over the bible, in the Old Testament with Nehemiah, Ezra, and Esther, as well as in the New Testament in Matthew in The Sermon On the Mount and in Acts. Fasting was often done before decisions were made (Nehemiah), or as a way of asking God for protection (Ezra). In Acts, fasting was done when

A Long Way To Goal

Summer is upon us! One thing that has stuck with me as I finished up my third year of undergrad, was that I now see a year in three parts, as fall, winter and summer terms. So as I head into these next four months of summer, I thought it would be a good idea to set some goals for myself. So here are my three summer goals this year. Read More I am a horrible reader and I'm not a big fan of reading either. You have no idea how many times I have picked up and/or bought a book to have it sit on my shelf with a bookmark somewhere in the middle because I haven't finished it. This summer, I really want to challenge myself to read more, to fill myself with more knowledge, and to learn and hear different perspectives. Let's say a book a month, meaning four books by September. Today I re-started reading The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. He's a name I remember hearing a lot in my summer of first year, so I wanted to check him out. It's quite a hard read, b

Journeying Into Theology - Pt. 3

I already know that there is no way this post will be a brief one, but we'll jump right into it. If you're new, you can catch up on Part 1 HERE , and Part 2 HERE  first! This chapter of the journey beings with an article that my pastor once sent me, and in this article (which you can read HERE ), it lists several websites, groups and domains that fell under the umbrella of Calvinism; from,, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, to The Resurgence. I remember reading through that list and looking up and seeing every single one of these websites on my favourites bar. I then realized that since entering university, I had been walking into Calvinism without even knowing it. So what even is Calvinism? Before I even attempt to answer that, I'll quickly address that I am quite new to all this, I'm not well-versed with camps of theology, and it has definitely been something I've been wanting to look into, I just haven't had the

Bound For Glory

I've been loving Vertical Church Band and their music since i've been introduced to them a year and a half ago at the Act Like Men conference. They've recently released a new album called "Church Songs" and just a few days ago, listening to "Bound For Glory" I searched up the lyrics and something hit me. The bridge goes as follows; All my pain, hurt and shame, gone when Jesus calls my name. Endless joy, endless praise, all when Jesus calls my name. As believers, though we are clothed in righteousness and God sees us as blameless, while we are still living on this earth, this earth that is not our home, we still have a sinful nature within us. With Christ, we are given the option to not only know righteousness, but to choose righteousness. The battle is hard, there is tension as we fight against the flesh, and we will fail; we will mess up, we will fall short, but the LORD forgives when we ask, and shows us grace, grace that is not to be taken fo

Journeying Into Theology - Pt. 2

I have been learning a lot after settling at Harvest but there were a few things that came up these past two years that have made me think a bit more. (Read Part 1 HERE ) Women In Ministry I had heard about Harvest's views on this subject even before entering university, and I remember attending Party with the Pastors and asking the head pastor about his thoughts on it. Pulling up the notes I wrote down, here are a few of the things he said. He brought up 1 Timothy 2:8-15 which is the passage that is often used to support the view of not having women in ministry. He said that he saw women serving in ministry as wrong, but not as bad. A comment he made that took me off guard was that he thought that those who have women as pastors have a weak understanding of scripture. Coming from a church where women were pastors, I immediately thought "does that mean my home church has a weak understanding of scripture?" and I suddenly became a messenger, relaying the pastor'