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December: The End of A Term

The final school week of 2020 felt a bit like a scramble, an unleashing of whatever I could just to pass the finish line with a Christmas movie in hand (which now have become 3 overdue library DVDs sitting on my teacher's desk). "How has teaching been?" - "a rollercoaster ride" is an answer which clumps a plethora of emotions and stresses, ups and downs at high speeds but never a breath until the screeching halt that was Christmas break. I can't say it was all bad; and I am told regularly, "you're a first year teacher, it is supposed to be hard - you can't be so hard on yourself, but the fact that you are shows that you really care."  I care - I definitely do. I have felt the weight of what it means to be a teacher, and even at my teaching placements throughout teacher's college - I was highly aware that though I was just a student teacher and I was learning, these were real souls I was teaching - this ain't no game. At the same tim

He is making everything new!

It seems like day after day there is more news about the sadness and sickness that crawls through our nations, local communities and lives. News of cancer, mental health and depression, news of the passing of both young and old, news of broken bones and broken families. Maybe it's the current health situation and maybe it's because we're expecting "Christmas cheer" but the news weighs heavy on all our hearts.  Be it the pain and sickness, or the sin and corruption we see in our world today, God's Word hits it right on the head when it says that all creation groans in eager longing for the redemption of our bodies (Romans 8:18-23). The health crisis that we've spent our year in has been a year long advent as we groan and take on each day waiting for lockdowns to end and normalcy to return. We don't know when this will come to an end. It reminds me of the prophecies that were told of Christ's coming as families and generations waited and longed for t