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An Urn & Two Kingdoms

Going home to home and relative to relative this Chinese New Year, my mom suggested that we go visit my grandfather since it was just on the way home. We drove up to the columbarium, got out of the car and walked up to his glass cremation niche. And while we stood there in silence, God revealed something to me. I realized that in that glass case, was just a plaque, my grandfather's watch, his picture and an urn with his ashes. There was no life and no soul in there. My eyes re-focused on the glass and in the reflection I could see my family and I standing there, lives and souls on this earthly kingdom and on the other side, my grandfather's soul which was no longer here but in heaven, living a perfect life with God in His eternal kingdom. For the first time, I could see the magnitude of it all. Standing there, I stepped back and I could see how small, wretched and frail we are here on earth. I saw the vast distance between us and a perfect, righteous and good God who sits