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Board Games Interrupted

This afternoon, a few friends and I were having a good time of fellowship over board games when we saw the figure of a person outside our window. It came with a knock, and one of my friends went up to answer the door suspecting they were Jehovah's Witnesses - and she was right. What I thought was going to be a quick exchange at the door before resuming our game became a 10 minute conversation at the door as she engaged by asking questions, and challenging them and their faith while the rest of us sat and watched it all unfold. With time, it was suggested to invite them in to open up the discussion to the other three of us. To be honest, this was a bit hard for me - we were right in the middle of a game! I wasn't ready to engage in what ended up being two hours of conversation with these visitors, but I pushed myself to be more open to this opportunity, to not be so close-minded - this was clearly an opportunity from God! Even though it wasn't one that I was asking for


It's the season of convocations and graduations! This past Friday, I convocated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Science - majoring in Wildlife Biology and Conservation Science, with a minor in Child and Family Studies. 4 years and 28,000 ish dollars later - I walked across the stage, shook hands with the vice-chancellor and wrapped up this chapter of my life. Many people say that your convocation is a day you do not want to miss. Even during the ceremony, we were instructed to truly treasure those minutes because they are once-in-a-lifetime minutes. Convocation is a time to celebrate one's academic accomplishments, to take pride in all the hard work that has paid off - and I could see it very clearly every time I scroll through my newsfeed. If it was your turn to celebrate this year, congratulations! But as I reflected the day before and the morning of my convocation, I realized that I wanted to approach this special day with a different mindset. Yes, i