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Praying Without Ceasing

"pray without ceasing" - 1 Thessalonians 5:17 This week at prayer meeting, we spent time reflecting on how we were doing in terms of prayer. The majority of us shared that we lacked praying constantly and regularly, and wanted to be praying more often. And as a result, we were all spontaneously challenged to put this verse into practice this week, to really pray without ceasing. We even tied on string on each other's wrists as a physical reminder to be praying - which worked extremely well I found.  I've been keeping a simple log of how the challenge has progressed over the week - and though I am still struggling with remembering to pray more throughout my day; there were little gems here and there, little lessons and challenges I wanted to share. Empty Words When I first started the challenge, I did feel that in general, I was praying more, the bracelet (or shall I say, pray-celet) did wonders in reminding me; in class when I was typing, it was there

Our God is a Jealous God

"for shall not worship any other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God." - Exodus 34:14 I've always wrestled with the idea of the LORD being jealous - wasn't being jealous a bad thing? Why is God jealous? But recently, as i've been in scripture and have been exploring the importance of prayer - I rejoice that God has shed some light on this subject for me. The Christian faith focuses on the relationship one has with our Creator God. In the beginning, He was perfect, in unity with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit - and He didn't need us humans because He was self-sufficient, but He decided to create us so that He could love us. God creates as a manifestation and expression of his love. With the first man, Adam, God had already begun to build a relationship with him as He does with each and everyone of us. We see that with how God speaks to Adam, and how God walked with Adam in the Garden of Eden. God made us in the womb, He k

Recalling God's Work

In my prayer journal, i've been making it a habit to record sights of God's faithfulness and goodness in my life and in the lives of others. This past week, He has had me filling up pages and pages as I've been immersed in his goodness. I thank the LORD for revealing himself to me in such marvellous and astounding ways. Operation Christmas Child (10/28/2015) A few weeks ago, GACF (Guelph Asian Christian Fellowship) did Operation Christmas Child - this is a ministry where shoeboxes are packed with gifts to send to children across the world, in hopes that God would use this simple box to demonstrate His love and allow an opportunity for the Gospel to be shared. I was slightly worried about this program because we just started promoting it just over a week before it was going to happen. I was hoping to give people more time than that so they could hit up the stores and shop for the boxes. For a fellowship of about 30-ish people, I set the goal for 40 boxes. The night we

Six O'Clock Mornings

Before this week started, I was in a place where I felt so distant from God, a disconnect spiritually. The weeks prior, God had been slipping out of my mind; things were going as per usual, I wasn't stressed, I wasn't worried, and as a result, my dependence on God just disappeared. I knew that I was drawing further and further away from Him, and though being aware of that and praying about it, nothing really changed. I found myself sleeping in, which ate away at my morning devotional time, whether that meant a rushed devotion, or no devotional at all.  It all spiralled down to a crash last weekend. And in response to prevent it from getting any worse, I took a sabbath on the Sunday, knowing it had to be a weekend of spiritual revival, a time to refocus and reorient myself back to the LORD. Our God is the one who created us in our mother's womb, who loves us so dearly, that even in our weakness and sinfulness, gave His only son to be the redeeming and reconciling sacrif

God Meant It For Good (Genesis 45)

I've been telling myself, I need to be blog more often; it doesn't matter if its a giant revelation or just a small instance where i've seen God, I want to make it a habit to frequently reflect and remember how and where God has been working in my life. I'm not exactly looking back on how God's been working in my life today, but rather in the lives of those in the Joseph Story. Genesis 45 was preached this past Sunday and I was completely baffled that the sermon and the lessons came up in conversation three or four times in the 48 hours that followed. I just wanted to share some quick thoughts and mini lessons that struck me. The Length of Suffering We looked at the suffering between Joseph, his older brother Judah, and his father Jacob this week. Joseph was suffering from being treated unjustly as he was innocently sold into slavery, and betrayed by his brothers (Genesis 37). Judah was suffering from the pain that came from the consequences of his sin,