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A Hand in Every Tree

I don't know how you and your family spend the first day of the year, but in 2021, mine spent 3 hours mapping out a family tree with all our relatives and extended family members. I'll be the first to admit that whenever Chinese New Year comes around (which is soon!), I always forget who we are seeing, what to call them (in Chinese, titles are different depending on which side of the family they're on and if they are older or younger in respect to other family members - it isn't just mere "auntie" and "uncle"), and most importantly how they are related to us. In my defence though, we usually only see them just once a year. I've tried different memory tricks to remember who's who but alas, no success.  The three hours included calling close family in attempts to track down names (chinese names, english names and nicknames), country of residences and any standout notes (one of them is actually a professional and competitive ballroom dancer!) as