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" i want to have an even better devotional life, reading my bible first thing when i wake up." follow me here: i'll probably still post here, once in a while, but i guess 2012 will be there!

Post-SNA Reflection

"its all over and done" its done. we finished it. almost exactly 24 hours ago, i gave my last cue, turned on the house lights and ended our annual Saturday Night Alive. I cant believe its already over. All day yesterday at rehearsal, it NEVER hit me that SNA was that night. So many things happened yesterday that has showed me God's power, that has taught me lots and has helped me push through this final stretch of this amazing journey. I miss it OH SO MUCH. SO much. SO SO MUCH. Lets start with what im feeling at this second. I wanted to post last night, but i was too tired, and besides i had to let things settle in first. Right now. 10:08pm Dec 11th. Im in SNA withdrawal. Post-SNA-Depression. Im so sad that its all over, i miss it SO much and i just cant.. i feel like someone just stole a giant piece of my life and there's an empty hole there. Thinking back to last night, i think it went rather well and im extremely proud and happy for my teams. For their hard work

Less Than A Day And Counting.

"the time has come" its in a day. its in less than a day. to be exact, almost 16 hours left before those doors open. Yup, its almost 2 in the morning the day before but i had to post. i had to. Today was our final rehearsal date. tmrw is the real deal, and its now or never. Tonight i had a great time. i actually LOVE doing this. its fun, its different, its a lot of work, but its something i'll treasure forever. After i got home, by around 11:30, i started to catch up, tie up the loose ends, but i really have been able to use this time and reflect on this amazing journey that we call Saturday Night Alive 2011: The Orb of Avaskus. I remember starting back in LATE August. Meeting at Kelly's house, having ravioli, having ideas from the digital age, to a family of lemurs. Building on ideas, and just having fun. Then EARLY September, first week of school, meeting up with my all-supporting, wise and experienced co-head to start writing the script. I remember not sleepin

Ten Days Away

"its becoming a reality" oh dear goodness. Just about a month ago i posted my one month reflection and within a blink of an eye, here we are just 10 days away (9 to be exact). I honestly cant believe it. And to be honest, im a bit scared. Its been one heck of a ride, and November was a whirlwind of practices, film dates, and a whole bunch of stuff. From having flashmobs, to crazy intense filming set ups. At this moment, im kinda unsure of whats going on. I feel like there are so many lose ends, so many things left undone, small things here and there. And we have less than 240 hours to wrap it up, polish it, and execute it. Im really anxious. I can feel the stress/pressure piling on, again with our ambitious minds and ideas, we really want to pull this off well. But relying on God. Thats the lesson this year. I dont know if i've fully learnt it yet.. but.. we'll have to see. There are 10 more days and im ready for Him to work his magic. Not sure if i talked about th