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Nothing But A Jar of Clay

LORD, thank you for the treasure you have so specially granted and put within me - that treasure being the Gospel. I pray that it would continue to overwhelm me, and that I may embrace and be transformed by it deeply day by day. Why did you put this treasure within me? I am nothing but a jar of clay. But you, the potter saw me, you saw me broken, you saw me fragile, you saw me weak, and you said "yes, I will use you, I will refine and renew you, and I will use you to glorify my name." Thank you for choosing me, thank you for using me, for your ministry, for building your kingdom, may all glory, honour and praise go to you and you alone and not I! Forgive me for when I have directed the glory at myself, robbing you of what only you deserve. It is so easy to appear as humble, yet not truly be humble. O LORD, would you continue to teach me humility, the true attitude of a servant. The only "glory" I get, is that I am honoured to be called your

Works in Progress

The LORD taught me a very simple lesson in service today.  We talked a lot about surrender this morning. Surrendering your mind, heart and life to God. It was a convicting message to be thinking about how surrendering relates to worship, the idols I have in my life, the fear of losing and the greed of having. A big statement that stuck with me was "have we become a people of commitment or surrender?" (which I still need to ponder over). I found that I saw the message as if it was a checklist before me with three categories - "what I had done", "what I was doing" and "what I had to do". And many times, I know that I dwell heavily on the "what I had to do" category. What could I improve on? What was I missing? How can I get closer to this goal - in the context of this morning; complete and full surrender to God. I noted that I needed to be in the Word more often to understand God's character and nature more - who exactly was

Conversation with God: The Gospel

my prayer this morning - October 4th 2015, 9:00am O LORD, My Heavenly Father, My God, my Creator. Thank you for creating me. You formed me in my mother's womb; with your hands, You knit me together. Creating me in your image. The image of you, God almighty, God the creator, and God of the universe. It is the greatest honour to be made in the likeness of You, though man can be great, no one is as great as you. And to think and know that you made us in your image? oh, would you put me in awe and in wonder! We were made to reflect you, made to be your representatives on this earth. But because of the fall of man, I come before you a sinner. For all have sinned and have fallen short of your glory. In my nature, my sinful nature, I am broken, and I am wicked. I wrestle with pride, worldly thoughts, selfishness, and bitterness. God, would you reveal to me any sin that remains. I have rebelled against you, I have forgotten about you, I have sinned again

Peace in a Chaotic Week

It's been a crazy week of evaluations. But God showed up in the midst of it all. It wasn't supposed to be that bad at first; I knew I had a group proposal due on Wednesday, an assignment due Friday, and a midterm also on the Friday. At the start of the week, all was well; the proposal was well underway, pretty much completed, the assignment I had almost fully completely was done earlier on in the week and I wasn't expecting to have a lot of studying for the midterm considering that I had already been making notes in previous weeks. But come Tuesday and in class I find out that there was another proposal worth 20% of my mark due the following Thursday (in 48 hours). I've never been so out of my game before, that I would forget about such a big evaluation - but it was a relief to find out that it was a group proposal, and the professors hadn't even put up the instructions/outline for it until later that day. Though tight for time, I now had four evaluations, one