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Living in Tension

There has been one question on my mind this past week. Why does it seem like I have lost joy in following Christ? But before getting there, i'll rewind and explain how I got there. So the past four weeks, my church has been going through a series in Psalm 15, and it addressed what a true worshipper is and what they look like. The psalm begins by asking God a question, "O LORD who shall sojourn in your tent? Who shall dwell on your holy hill?"  Too often we come into the presence of the LORD too lightly, we think it's our right, almost that we're doing God a favour by coming and worshipping him, when in fact only one person is worthy of worshipping God, Jesus Christ. As we went through the passage, it was pointed out all the qualities of a true worshipper, and how we as sinful, broken humans cannot fulfill all these to the standard God expects of us. Lately, I've been thinking about this myself, i've been understanding the sinner that I am, the trials

Psalm 25

It's crazy how things can change in a matter of moments. I have to say I started this new year with a bang, everything was going well, I was excited, motivated and happy with all that was going on. I knew I had to be careful, not to direct any of it at myself, but to give God glory for all good things come from above. And as time went on, I thought to myself "this is too good to be true" and at the back of my mind I could feel a trial coming, a storm, something to just shake everything up. And it's not that I feared that possibility, as James 1 tells us to consider it joy when trials and tribulations come your way. But here I sit in this moment, feeling something I can't even describe; lonely? afflicted? bleh? am I homesick? I don't know but I do know that a hug would do wonders right now. I think it's a mixture of things, from the revelation of how deep in sin I am, and the dire need for forgiveness from God; to being overwhelmed from all the school w

How The Holy Spirit Reminds, Recognizes, & Reveals

There are three things I want to share with you this week. It is always encouraging when you see the Holy Spirit work, and since the new year started, i've been reminded, i've realized and i've been revealed to. Reminded: For much of my life, there have been so many times where i've felt/been called to something; to a position, to a role, to a responsibility, or i've been planted with a thought or a vision, and most of the time, my immediate response is "why me" "why does it have to be me" "why can't anyone else do it" "why didn't anyone else think of this". I guess sometimes I just wished that I wasn't the one chosen, I wasn't the one asked, and I wasn't the one picked. But I do follow the calling, and I end up taking it on because I don't think disobedience is an option. I realize that I talked about this a few posts ago, and i've learnt that it is an honour to serve the LORD, but in one of m