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Summer's Come & Gone

It’s finally September, and here I am, moved in and all snuggled up in my new house in Guelph, preparing to take on my second year of Wildlife Biology & Conservation Science. I can’t believe how fast time has passed; and before I want to wish my summer farewell, I wanted to write a short but probably lengthy blog post on what I’ve learnt this summer and what went down. If you’ve been reading my blog, you’d probably know that finding a job has been one of the big things going on in the past. I had started searching since February (which apparently isn’t early enough), and application after application, interview after interview, and rejection after rejection, I finally got a job this summer; in fact, I got two. I had to privilege of working with Allure Window D├ęcor Inc, as a Flyer Distributor and as System Migration Assistant at Tyndale University College and Seminary while volunteering at the Reptilia Zoo. Finding a job this summer was definitely quite the hun